The best project you can work on is yourself

I’ve been away from blogging for a couple months due to health and change of lifestyle reasons. Which means I haven’t been able to exercise as much! For me this has been so tough, but worth it. I’ve been learning how to self care, take time out without feeling guilty, and lower my stress levels to zero. A lot of it has been down to changing my lifestyle completely. Just wanted to share some tips that I’ve found a long the way which has helped given me clarity, calmness, less cares and more happiness!

So I had to completely change my lifestyle due to stressful situations. It became clear to me that I couldn’t let whatever was happening in my life determine my health. Health is so important to me, without health you can’t enjoy the little things or big things in life. Money will come and go, but health is where your investment should be!

It took me a long time to get to where I am today, and now I’m here I cannot live life the same way it was before. Here are some things I learnt a long the way…

  1. When choosing between putting yourself out or making that quick buck. Choose your health, don’t let work stress you to the point you’re feeling unwell, fatigued, and drained. Obviously it’s ok to feel these things every once in a while, that’s just life. But feeling awful everyday due to stress – is no life. Remember wealth doesn’t just mean being abundant with money. It is a combined formula of health, money and good fortune. Work hard but enjoy life. Try to find that balance whatever it may be.
  2. Stop caring so much. I have found not caring what anyone else thinks is a great way to feel liberated, you are guaranteed to have a happier life just by living for you and no one else. Of course you have to take other peoples feelings into consideration. But that’s a different thing. If you naturally have good morals you won’t have to think of other people’s feels, it will come naturally! Have integrity, be honest with yourself. No one will get to 80 years old and think ‘gosh I wish I didn’t do/say that when I was younger’ as long as you are true to yourself and it comes from a good place, you really can’t go wrong.
  3. Take time out if you need to and it’s viable. Take the opportunities that are presented to you. A few months out can do absolute wonders physically, spiritually and mentally.
  4. It’s ok that you haven’t worked out, or did anything productive. I found this the hardest when I had to take some time out. I was constantly putting pressure on myself or making myself feel guilty. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s doesn’t really matter. You’ll get back on track and back to normal in no time.
  5. The best project you can work on is yourself. Put yourself first so you can help others knowing you are the best version of you, that you can be. I think when it’s all said and done, it’s how our actions, thoughts and feelings effect the people around is what really matters. When we die that’s what people will remember – the way someone felt about us and how we made them feel. Life is a maze just enjoy it as much as you can and you can’t go wrong!

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