What motivates me this month

Sometimes it’s so hard to find motivation! I always find after coming home from a long weekend away or a holiday, it’s so hard to get back into the swing of things, especially when it comes to health/fitness regimes.

It used to take me days or even a whole week to get back to normality and feel motivated again. But not now, I’ve been finding it ways to spark passion, so it will help me get back to my routine much quicker.

This month a friend asked me if I wanted to complete a challenge that was out of my comfort zone. It was a 30 day yoga challenge with @omstarsofficial on instagram. The viewers were challenged to complete a 30 day yoga living photo diary, and upload the photos for a whole 30 days. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have Instagram, or even if the virtual challenge is over. This is for your self practice!

Now I’ve never really tried yoga, and even though I am a Pilates teacher, I still found it hard. It’s always good to challenges yourself with ventures that are out of your comfort zone, & it definitely did keep me motivated. Now I love yoga!

I challenge you to try something new. Or why not even do the 30 day yoga living challenge, take photos and use it as your own diary. The poses are all on this page.

Here are my snap shots. You can follow mine or use the picture above.

It’s sometimes very hard to keep focus and momentum. But keep going! Challenge yourself to achieve your goals.

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