Pilates Power week

I had a super busy week this week. Mainly Pilates focused! I attended a course at body control Pilates in London – which is where I trained. Every time I go there for add on courses I feel a new sense of motivation, and gentle reminder of why I loved Pilates in the first place. I’m so grateful to be doing something I love as a career.

I also just uploaded a brand new full body Pilates toning workout https://youtu.be/dZYYswmwwxI check it out and join me on the mat. It’s a short workout, I recommend doing this a couple times a week to feel the improvement as the weeks go on.

I also caught up with friends and family in London, and stayed at Montcalm in Shoreditch. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a nice spa hotel in the city.

The cocktails were gorgeous too, I call them real cocktails. I think you know what I mean!

My week wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a coffee shop in London. My favourite thing to do on a Sunday, when I lived in Fulham last year. Coffee and walnut cake is the best combination!

Obviously good food isn’t hard to find in London. I found a cute little place in Soho with really fresh tapas, there are lots of ‘Brindisa’ restaurants all over central London. Every time I eat there, I’m left with fond memories and a satisfied stomach. Highly recommended!

And of course I ended my week with a great reformer Pilates class in Norwich city centre. The owner is Lauren and is a really great teacher, highly recommended!

I thought I would do a really casual blog post this week, I hope you enjoy the workout video!

Jasmine x

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