5 health changes for you!

1) Intermittent fasting

I’ve started to use this as a lifestyle change to lose fat. But it also has long term health benefits. I fast for 16 hours per day, so my first meal is at around 1pm and then my last meal is at 8pm. The body is able to lose fat by using the fat stores after 12 hours of fasting. It sounds a lot harder than it is, but it really is quite simple and easy to try.

2) Macro counting

I have recently become more and more aware of this. Macro counting in basic form, is looking at the protein, fat and carbohydrate content of your total calories, consumed each day. And then making sure you hit your target of how much you would like to consume of each. To lose weight without being too hungry I have chosen to eat a ‘40,30,30’ Marco combination. Which is 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. Although this may change, it is a good balance for losing weight in a healthy way while being able to think clearly, without being too carb deprived! Remembering I am wanting to sustain a healthier lifestyle, so getting the balance right is important for longevity of your lifestyle. I use the Fitbit app to count macros or you could use ‘my fitness pal’ app which is very similar!

3) Calorie counting

Calorie counting combined with macro counting and exercising is probably the best way to lose weight! As long as you are burning more then you are consuming you will always lose weight. However, in view of sustainability of a healthier lifestyle, once I get the weight off I will probably only do the intermittent fasting, as this is easier to maintain with my current lifestyle.

4) Stop weighing yourself

A lot of people will be opposed to this suggestion, but I really think looking at the scales has a negative effect whether you’ve lost weight or not. Personally, I have always weighed a lot more than I would have liked even at my smallest, because of course muscle weighs more than fat. But try telling my previous weight obsessed self that! There’s no chance she would have accepted that reason. Nowadays I usually just go by how I look and feel. Fitting into that dress you used to fit into or doing your jeans up with ease, which were once too tight, has sooo much more satisfaction than getting on the scales. Well for me anyway. I’ve hung up a dress I would like to get into for a little motivation each day!

5) Find your passion

Find some activity that you really love to do. It doesn’t even have to be something that makes you sweat, just something that gets you out of the house and makes you move. It could even be walking. My passion is Pilates and although it doesn’t make me sweat all of the time. It definitely motivates me to want to lose weight and stay healthy. It’s about finding things that make you love life and want to better yourself physically and mentally, to keep you on the path of health and happiness!

Take care, Jasmine

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