New year, new goal

Happy new year 2018! It’s my first blog post of the year and along with other goals, I intend to post weekly. I’m kicking off the year with a mindset focusing more strongly on health, and fitness – as I’ve said in previous posts, I had put on weight due to endometriosis and other stresses of life. But I’m not using anything as an excuse anymore! I’m determined to get back to the healthier version of myself, and I’d love you to join me. I’ll be blogging weekly about fitness and health (what I’m eating and fitness regimes). Along with beauty and lifestyle.

I think it’s important to set your goals for the year. I’ve visualised them in my mind, so I can actually see and feel them happening. I’ve also put a plan in place with clean eating and a fitness regime that I will share. It’s not too complicated! I haven’t gone OTT, I just want to be able to attain a healthy lifestyle, without it being too complex. I’d love you to come along this journey with me to a healthier & happier life.

My advise would be to plan plan plan, stick to a routine with a positive mindset over EVERYTHING. I must admit I have struggled in the past with this mindset, but even when you’re having your down days, push through.

So I’m kicking off the year with my current gym routine – alongside weekly Pilates classes of course.

I’ve split the week into four days, and tried to incorporate different exercises throughout the week to target the whole body. You can mix up the exercises as much as you like, by adding or taking away as you please, to suit your own bodies needs and goals. I have added weights to most of these exercises, again take away the weights or add them as you please. I normally do reps of each exercise, I would start with 3 x 12 reps of each exercises (depending on weight).

If you are not familiar with these exercises, most of them will come up on a google search. I have written the ones in bold that are important for most of us who sit at desks all day!

Day one: Legs and Booty

Squats with medicine ball or kettle bell

Plie squats with medicine ball or kettle bell

Reverse lunge with dumbbells

Dead lift up with dumbbells

Single leg dead lift with dumbbells

Bulgarian split squat with dumbbells

Glute Bridge

Single leg glute Bridge

Donkey Kicks

Fire hydrant

Sumo walks

10-20 mins of HIIT cardio of your choice

Day two: Upper body and Arms

Overhead press with dumbbells

Tricep chop with dumbbells

Rotating triceps kickbacks alternate arms

Pike walk push combo

Push ups

T push up

Cable push downs

Single arm bent over row

Triceps pull downs with straight bar

Chest press laying down with dumbbells

Reverse fly with dumbbells

Straight arm lengthen twists with plate

Wide grip lay pull down with the bar

Day three: Legs and Booty

Squats with medicine ball or kettle bell

Curtsey squats with dumbbells

Donkey kick on machine assisted

Weighted glute bridge

Abductor machine – lean body forward to engage glutes

Leg press machine

Quad machine

Hamstring machine

Lateral squat kicks

Lateral leg raises with plate weight

10-20 mins HIIT cardio of your choice

Day four: Core and Back

Straight arm front raise on both arms

Straight arm side raise with dumbbells on both arms

Face pull with rope

Pull ups on assisted machine or without

Planks with shoulder taps

Tricep push ups

Sit ups

Russian twists

*Airplane extension*

Toe taps on mat

Leg lifts

Mountain climbers

*Back extension: lean hips on machine, use plate and extend back up and down*

Flutter kicks


Spider planks

Side planks lift and lower

Dumb bell side bend

If you need some challenging Pilates inspired videos that are focusing on your core, here are some you can try at home.

Please be careful trying any of the exercises written in this blog post – please consult with your physician or doctor before hand if need be

Let me know how you get on! Jasmine

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