Is Pilates for you? 

Are you thinking of trying Pilates but unsure if it’s ‘for you’ or you may be building up the confidence to try it? I’ll give you a brief summary of what Pilates is about and why you should definitely give it a chance.

What is Pilates?

For anyone that is completely new to the exercise, in short, Pilates is a toning and aligning exercise regime that focuses on core strength and alignment. It uses different movements to help reform the body in the best way to create limitless functional movement. It’s a smart way to exercise because it improves every aspect of your physical life. Whether you are stuck in an office slumped over a desk all day or a professional runner, Pilates can reshape and rebalance your mind and your body.

Do you have to have physical stamina to be able to do Pilates? 

Yes and no is the answer. If you are new to Pilates, you do not have to fit a certain fitness criterea, anyone can try Pilates. You do not have to be flexible, this will all come in time! Everybody needs to start somewhere, within 6 weeks of trying the exercise you will feel the improvements and benefits. And ofcourse feel more confident as you go. You may be someone who is looking for a new focus in life to take you away from the modern day stress or someone who has started a fitness journey, and wants something to focus your mind.  Pilates helps you stay strong and keeps you determined to carry on. I advise anyone and everyone to try it!

If you are already a professional athlete or very much into fitness then Pilates is ideal for you. It can help improve your chosen sport and keep your body conditioned to an extremely high  standard. Think of your body like a machine. By learning Pilates you are looking after your machine in the ritht way to fulfill your best potential. Pilates for life means less physio trips, better results and easier movements.

Benefits of Pilates?

  • Relieves back pain
  • Improves posture
  • Tones and strengthens
  • Aligns the body
  • Release stresses
  • Focuses the mind
  • Spiritually heals
  • Improves sports
  • Functional movement
  • Great for rehabilitation injuries

Give it a go to gain the control you are missing!

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