Endometriosis update

I got diagnosed with endometriosis a couple years ago and have recently been diagnosed with it again. So I thought I would do a quick blog post after I recently discovered lots of ladies have it too! I am set to have laser surgery to remove it within the next couple months

I want to tell women in the same position as I am to keep positive as I know how depressing it can feel. What can help?

Exercise is key. In my experience putting on weight and exercising less in the past has definitely had a negative effect on the endometriosis symptoms. I’ve always had pain but the severity of the pain definitely differs considering how healthy I am feeling. If we dive into that concept more deeply then I would further say it’s not just exercise but more so how healthy you are feeling. Like any physical pain, endometriosis can be made better by positivity, lifestyle, mindset, happiness etc. I feel as though I made it worse at different times in my life due to either my mental state or lack exercising

Motivation, then momentum. First you find your motivation and passions in life. Then you focus and then you have momentum. Now keep it going! It may take time to find but, once you have it let it roll. It’s going to help anyone in any situation

Onwards and upwards. It’s not the end of the world, although at times may feel like it. I sympathise with you! You’re not alone. Though it may feel many people don’t understand, as it can be labelled as just period pain ‘whatever’. It DOES NOT mean you are infertile! Do not have that mindset. If any doctor tells you to just live with it, stand your ground and put your health first. No one has to live in pain when there are options

Obviously as a Pilates teacher I am going to promote Pilates for endometriosis but truly it really does help. It aligns the body and helps your pelvic floor. It alleviates back ache and makes everything that little bit more bearable!

Ive written an earlier blog post on some food I have been eating to help. Here’s some tips in addition

  • Listen to your body and rest when you need to
  • Keep positive, don’t let yourself go into that negative mindset
  • Feel good, exercise and eat good
  • Do Pilates trust me this helps

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