A healthy motivation 

Do you ever ask yourself what motivates you to be healthier? Maybe what motivates you to be healthier is to live a longer life, to achieve functional movement or maybe just to look and feel your best

I am motivated by feeling healthier from the inside out, to feel strong and able and to live a long and healthy life

Another thing that motivates me is looking my best, to wake up and feel confident about myself. I am motivated to one day be able to look in the mirror and think yes I look how I imagined I would look. I want to ask what a healthy motivation really is, can people go too far and what is too far?

For my body type I know that trying to achieve a body like Jessica Alba for instance isn’t attainable, she’s absolutely gorgeous but we have complete different body types

She’s tall athletic and very slim. I’m 5’2 and curvy. So I tend to look at figures like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez & I feel this is a healthy motivation for me

Would it be unhealthy for me to try to achieve a body like Jessica Alba or someone a lot thinner, I think so but not everyone would agree

If pictures of celebrities motivate you then go for it, but be realistic, embrace your body type – give yourself a chance

We all want to be the best we can be, we want to look as good as we can, and this is totally normal but many people go too far and it becomes an obsession. An example of someone going too far is Nicole Ritchie, before and after below

The top picture of Nicole is curvier (still looks good) but I can see why she wanted to lose a few pounds. The second picture she’s lost the weight but I feel she’s gone too far. She was unable to find that happy medium! Health is wealth – find your happy medium, as I am currently trying to do!

Whether you’re slim, curvy or plus size, it doesn’t matter. Think about your goals and how you want to look and stick with it

Things to motivate you

  • Keeping a picture that motivates you and matches your body type
  • Imagining your goals happening now and feeling what it would feel like now
  • Thinking about how you want to wake up every morning, for what ever reason. Healthier, energised, happier?
  • Keeping a diary to see how far you’ve come
  • Remembering health is wealth

Just a little food for thought today, thanks for reading

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