Put the make up down 

Today I met my dad and his girlfriend for lunch in Portobello market, we spent the majority of the meal chatting away about health & well being. They both live a very healthy lifestyle, so no surprises they look very well!

Anyway, the last time I saw them both they insisted that I should stop wearing makeup and embrace my pale skin/red hair, which reinforced what my boyfriend has always said to me

We all agreed it’s a double edged sword when it comes to going back to natural once you’ve dived into the world of beauty. I’ve worn makeup since I was about 15 – I’m 25 now. The only plus I can think of about wearing foundation is that it has SP15 in it so less skin damage! However, my skin is definitely paler than it should be and has more blemishes than it should have. So I’d love to let my skin breathe and be one of those people that can walk out the house and feel confident without any makeup on, instead of feeling like everyone is staring at me as if I were a ghost!

It’s a challenge, you want to let your skin breath to look good, but you feel conscience of the spots on your face while letting your skin breathe. So you end up covering your face with face paint again & again… so on and so on the dreaded cycle

I’ve decided to not give a toss and take the advice from my loved ones. I want to embrace my natural look and embrace how I was born. I think it’s a shame that I feel pressure like many other women to wear makeup. I think a lot of people would even go as far as saying their employers would have an issue if you didn’t wear makeup to work. Which is so disappointing from our fellow humans hey!

I’d love us to stop looking at everyone’s imperfections & start remembering what real beauty is. Fortunately I’m with someone who loves me for me and encourages me to be as natural as possible

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just be you, true to yourself

I’d like to at least cut makeup out completely for a few days a week. Tips I’ve learnt from the health gurus today…I’m learning too
Cider vinegar on spots works a treat, just dap it on and should dry them out

  • Once your face is washed just leave coconut oil on it as a moisturiser
  • If you can’t eat the product than you probably shouldn’t put it on your skin!
  • Obviously diet is the main ingredient to healthy skin
  • You can buy cider vinegar and coconut oil from your local shops, it’s as cheap as chips

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