Small changes, big effects! 

I’ve been clean eating for a few days now and already feeling less swollen

A few changes I’ve made that have significantly made a difference –

  • Cutting out caffiene
  • Remembering to eat at similar times each day (3 meals a day if I can)
  • Aloe Vera juice
  • Less sugar
  • More water
  • Vitamin C without fail
  • Multivitamins in the evening with a meal
  • Warm water & fresh lemon drink in the morning

I noticed since starting work in London I have gradually become addicted to caffiene! Which means extra sugar and I’m pretty sure the caffiene added extra cellulite too. 4 days ago I completely cut out caffeine, surprisingly it wasn’t as hard as I thought! Instead of a coffee in the morning I have a big glass of water with vitamin C and I wasn’t noticeably any more fatigued than usual. Although, I must warn you I did get a foggy headache for about 3 days from withdrawal symptoms. It was a bit irritating but nothing major!

I’ve also researched the benefits of aloe Vera juice, there’s so many to list! I would highly recommend it (I went for one with a high percentage of aloe Vera & organic from whole foods) it hasn’t got the greatest taste but definitely bearable. Bear in mind buying an aloe Vera plant would be the best option

A little motivator for me has been recording my diet in a food diary daily to keep on track. If I’ve gone off the rails for whatever reason, I’ll record it then get back on track the next day… no biggie!

Since making small changes I feel considerably better, the tricky part is keeping the momentum and motivation but we can do it! Everything I do will always be incorporated with keeping fit regularly 🤸🏼‍♂️

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